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When a company like yours hires an Executive Search firm like ours, there is one key target on the table: Fill the vacancy, fill it fast, and fill it with the right person. This has required a change in our Executive Search Business approach over the last decade. In order to grow professional skills and develop global performance standards within P&P/ InterSearch, an annual InterSearch Academy has been established already in 1999.

This year,  27 consultants and researchers from 15 countries graduated as consultants and research specialists from the InterSearch Academy Global Training Program, held in Paris, France 8 – 11 October 2017.

“We always design our yearly training program having in mind the hottest topics in our industry such as the digitalization of job seeking, particularly with regard to leading social media, and continuously enhance global executive search best practices, boost intercultural cooperation and team building”

says András Lipcsei, founder and head of the InterSearch Academy (P&P InterSearch Hungary). “Having highly qualified and experienced search specialists is a huge competitive advantage compared to low cost HR providers” Gerhard Krennmair, Managing Partner of P&P  InterSearch Austria, says. “The InterSearch Academy ensures high-level standards for our clients, regardless where they work with P&P and InterSearch. Worldwide”, adds Peter Pendl (Founder and Managing Director of P&P InterSearch Austria).