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According to a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn and Capgemini, companies are aware that digitalization will change working and business live forever: 55% of the surveyed companies acknowledge that there is a substantial gap between the digital talent they have and the digital talent they need. On the other hand, 42% of the employees describe their organisation’s training programs as “useless and boring”.

Diminishing digital talent causes higher attrition

The fact of useless and boring trainings leads 55% of digitally talented employees to say that they would switch jobs if they feel their digital skills are not developed properly. Tailored digital training programs therefore make sure that talent is retained to your organization. The root cause behind this is fear that their skills are already redundant or will be so in the next 1-2 years – people feel that if they do not increase their digital skills, they will be unemployable soon.

Which digital skills are wanted?

The survey distinguishes between “soft” and “hard” digital skills. Soft skills are more on the personality side, like customer-Centricity, passion for learning and collaboration, being at home with data-driven decision making, or comfort with ambiguity. Digital hard skills are for example knowledge about cybersecurity, cloud computing, analytics, data science and big data. 59% of employers prefer “soft skilled” candidates over 51%, who think “hard skill” candidates are more important.

Read the full survey here.