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How can training success be measured, securing the sustainability? In a leadership training program for a restaurant chain, active throughout Austria, P&P piloted the use of an interactive app Knowledgefox in the soft skill area.

The Knowledge Fox app is based on research findings that knowledge is acquired in small but regular steps; Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel has called his findings “Micro Learning”. The app uses this approach and delivers little pieces of training content to the participants’ smart phones, tables and PCs – whichever device they prefer, and whenever they prefer.

Starting the transfer process before the first training day and continuing it till it is over, this app helps to intensify occupation with the core training subjects and messages. In the pilot projects, various case studies had been employed to trigger immediate, positive behavioral changes.

The participants‘ feedback was that using the app made reflection of the training topics much more fun. Especially highlighted was the fact that the app actively notifies the participants, which has been perceived as extremely interesting and innovative. All participants had the possibility to add content themselves and also actively contacted the trainer if they had any questions.

For P&P as consultant and for the board of directors it was extremely helpful to see which contents were grasped easily, which ones were prone to error, and which ones needed the most repetitions. New and additional information to various training contents were distributed actively and extremely quick to all training participants.

In a total of 3 months training period, the interactive app has deepened the understanding of the core topics, tailored to each participant’s needs. At the end, several learning KPIs were cross-checked with a staff survey. The result: a huge improvement on almost all KPIs.

For further questions on where Knowledge Fox can support your company’s success – for creative or regular learning – contact Mr Andreas Wismek (